2024 Contestants for Northeast Person of Leather


TC Contestant Bastet1webBastet (formerly known as Deedee) is a queer Afro-Latinx, from the Dominican Republic. Born and raised in the Bronx NY and she now lives in Brooklyn NY with her Master. Bastet’s pronouns are she/her/cat. She has been part of the scene since 2010, and has never turned back. 

"Bastet identifies as a slave and a sadomasochist Lioness and is a proud collared slave and majordomo of Sir Wu of the House of Wu.  Her kinks can differ depending on her mood... sometimes she’s under the paddle, sometimes she holds the paddle! 

Bastet is a full patched member of OnyxPearls NY-NE where she has provided services as the Promotional Representative, Vice President, Road Captain, and now President. She he has worked hard behind the scenes with the many committee’s to help to provide very valuable help and information to the Chapter. 

Bastet has a deep profound love for the community and her chosen family and shows it by the service she provides. She enjoys dancing and living out loud!  She is part of MAsT Metro NY, Limitless Luxe Lifestyle, and ALFA (Atlantic Leather Family Alliance). She has attended and volunteered and presented at other events like MsC, MsC WorldWide, Weekend Reunion Events, MsG, and Flame Conference. She also was a judge for Northeast Leather 2022. 

Outside of kink & Leather, Bastet is a Chef for a Corporate Company in NYC. She is passionate about baking, cooking, spirituality, and learning about the history of food, and mental health. She loves to garden, read, and LOVES to watch back-to-back documentaries." 


TC Contestant Finn2webFinn Gerhardt is a proud trans, non-binary leatherperson hailing from the woods of Southern Maryland. Finn is the current co-Vice President of COMMAND MC. They recently completed their year as Mx. Maryland Leather 2023 and enjoy teaching and demoing at events across the region. Finn flags Black, Teal and Tan on the left and White Velvet on the right. When they’re not out and about, Finn is a bootblack specializing in vintage leather restoration, and enjoys going to concerts and spending time with their spouse, Justin, and their cat, Peki.








TC Contestant Jace webI am a neurodivergent Leather Dom/Switch, Ally, Fister, Impact & Breath player. I serve the greater Leather community with my club, The Men of Onyx, currently in the Mid-Atlantic chapter. But my journey began in a little bar, The Bike Stop, Philadelphia’s only leather bar. There, I learned that Leather lives within people like Bob who coached me through anxiety as a musician and within Philly's angel advocate, Maso Mutt, among many others.

Although I began as a patron who feared the stereotypical Leatherman, I moved to Los Angeles in 2015 after college and joined Onyx.  In the torrent of fundraising, donation drives, performances, pride parades, and “boots-to-fruit” raffle ticket sales, I found my place – a place where I can be my whole self. I chose love and intimacy over acceptance. And in that acknowledgment, I found acceptance again.

As a musician I write about this world I love in my albums AlphaLeather, and the Saddle Soap EP. These are based on my personal experience as a Leatherman. I have had the pleasure of performing some of these tracks for the Tom of Finland Foundation, Mufasa’s Pride Weekend, and Upright Citizens Brigade.

Recently, I taught a class during Midwest Leather Kink Alliance 2023 called “Solitude+” which was an open discussion on relationships. Participants built a personal toolbox of skills so they could approach their next relationship with confidence & clarity. I am proud to use my gifts and servant-leader skills for the grit of kink and the good of the community.


TC Contestant MrBLK1webMrBLK (he/him) is a rope top, BDSM presenter, and advocate for DEI in alternative communities. He’s presented, produced, and organized locally, regionally, and nationally on these topics. 

A certified life coach, MrBLK views teaching as an opportunity to create value and provide service. 

A Baltimore native and lifelong resident, MrBLK approaches his journey into kink and leather with joy, curiosity, and humor. He’s grateful that the leather community has become his community and home. 

Talk with MrBLK long enough, and he’ll refer to comic books, 80s pop culture, and kettlebells, but not necessarily in that order.